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South Carolina Rural Communities Compassion Fund

A grant from the U.S. Administration for Children and Families provides sub-awards and technical assistance to faith- and community-based organizations in South Carolina. The Compassion project includes technical assistance to the state in the form of informative workshops, funding resources, one-on-one skills training, distance learning events, and web resources.

Grants under the federal Capital Compassion Fund have been received three times by IFNL (2002, 2005, and 2007). During the first five years (2002-2007) of the South Carolina Rural Communities Compassion Project, $1,500,000 was awarded to 121 rural faith- and community-based groups across the state. In the next phase of the project (2007-2010), an additional $720,000 will be awarded to approximately 36 organizations.

During the current phase, IFNL is partnering with The Spartanburg County Foundation to distribute sub-awards.

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