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Camping Life

Campers and staff live in our comfortable cabins and all meals are provided in our dining room. Campers are assigned to cabin groups based on age and in some cases, level of functioning and previous camp experience. Our campers have opportunities to grow socially by living in a group, to play by spending time in the outdoors and to learn by experiencing new and challenging activities. Campers develop independence through daily camp activities as they learn to do things for themselves.

Our camper to staff ratio is 3:1 for the summer camps. Since we offer camps to serve individuals with different disabilities, it is important to determine the program best suited to each camper. For our summer camps, campers must be toilet trained, be able to walk, get along with peers and participate in outdoor activities. Because the camp is not staffed to provide one-on-one care, campers must have these self-care skills to be accepted. Camp Sunshine, our weekend camp program, is staffed to accommodate those individuals who may need one-on-one care.

Contact the camp director for more information.