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Our Venues

Kresge Hall

Kresge Hall is our largest space at the Outdoor Lab and it opens out onto a beautiful view of Lake Hartwell. Kresge serves as our main reception, banquet, meeting, and dining facility and can accommodate up to 150 guests. Catering in Kresge Hall is provided exclusively by Carolina Catering. This distinctive building has a stunning stone fireplace and surrounding windows that allow guests to enjoy the beautiful views of the lake and sunset. The Kresge patio and covered porch offer additional space for gathering, dancing, or seating. Its unique ambience and charm is part of what makes Kresge Hall a crowd favorite at the Outdoor Lab. Kresge Hall layout

Cannon Chapel/Pavilion

The Cannon Chapel/ Pavilion is an outdoor space nestled within the Clemson Forest. The pavilion is well covered and beautifully illuminated with lights that are strung overhead. It is the perfect space for picnics, cookouts, family reunions, wedding receptions, and so much more. The beautiful brick entrance area can be used for additional seating, gathering, or dancing Attached to the pavilion is a stone and brick amphitheater centered on a wooden stage and fire pit. Directly behind the amphitheater is the beautiful waters of Lake Hartwell. The pavilion/amphitheater can hold up to 250 guests and is a great space for a variety of outdoor occasions.  Cannon Chapel/Pavilion layout


Bowfin is a lakeside facility ideal for meetings, socials, or conferences. A stacked stone fireplace, hardwood floors, and a large carpeted loft compliment this beautiful building. Its two sets of French doors open on to a large porch that overlooks Lake Hartwell and the Clemson Forest. Bowfin can accommodate up to 40 guests and offers a peaceful atmosphere. Bowfin Conference Center layout

Betty's Place Betty's Place Betty's Place

Betty's Place

Betty's Place is a conference and meeting room that offers a unique place to gather, meet, and rejuvenate. This facility has a serving area in the back of the room, a large front porch with seating, and a deck overlooking the scenic grounds. Betty's Place can accommodate up to 40 guests. Betty's Place Conference Center layout

Clemson University Outdoor Lab Katydid Clemson University Outdoor Lab Katydid Clemson University Outdoor Lab Katydid


Katydid is a newly remodeled meeting and social space. This facility has a serving area with a granite countertop and mini-fridge, wall-to-wall carpeting, and a large porch. Katydid can accommodate up to 30 guests. Katydid Conference Center layout

Clemson University Outdoor Lab Deck at Michael’s Mooring Clemson University Outdoor Lab Deck at Michael’s Mooring Clemson University Outdoor Lab Deck at Michael’s Mooring

The Deck at Michael’s Mooring

The Deck at Michael’s Mooring is our newest event venue. It is a beautiful social space overlooking Lake Hartwell. The deck is within view of Kresge Hall and has easy access to and from the Cannon Chapel/Pavilion. The deck features bench seating, a gas fire pit, and twinkle lights. This space can accommodate up to 30 guests.

Hopa Cabana  Hopa Cabana Hopa Cabana

Hopa Cabana

The Hopa Cabana is a small, covered space overlooking Lake Hartwell. It has a wooden porch swing, additional seating, and a charcoal grill. It is strung with twinkle lights to give it a natural ambience. This shelter can accommodate up to 15 guests.

Clemson University Outdoor Lab Eagle's Nest

Eagle's Nest

Eagle's Nest is a two story treehouse located in the woods of our Clemson forest. The treehouse can be a perfect place for an evening of camping, as it provides a screened in upstairs area that sleeps up to 12 guests. The downstairs area provides a covered shelter with benches to gather and socialize. Eagle's Nest is also equipped with a fire pit, running water, and an outhouse. It is a perfect place to find that outdoor, rustic feel.

*** Please note that the Outdoor Lab is a pet-free facility. Guests with pets will be asked to leave and will forfeit their deposit. A $150-$300 clean up fee will also be applied.


For more information, availability or to make reservations, please email our Reservations Coordinator or call (864) 646-7502

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