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Social Media Listening Center Room Features

Social Media Listening Center Room FeaturesAt a mere 502 square feet, the size of an average classroom, the Social Media Listening Center features a 152-inch video wall, two 70-inch video monitors, cable television and two collaboration tables with TV panels that allow users to configure and display data in myriad ways to fit their particular needs and areas of study.

The Hiperwall system lets users resize and relocate each content object anywhere on the video wall within a single monitor or across multiple monitors, as easy as moving and resizing windows on the desktop of a personal computer. Hiperwall also provides advanced capabilities like zoom, rotation, shading and transparency, enabling users to examine content with increased flexibility and effectiveness.

This enables faculty and staff to explore images and discover new elements of properties previously hidden by low-resolution desktop displays. The Hiperwall system also transforms the video wall into a television studio backdrop for journalists who visit the SMLC to better understand social media issues connected to the top news stories of the day.