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Social Media Listening Center

The Social Media Listening Center at Clemson University is an interdisciplinary research lab and teaching facility that opened in early 2012. Envisioned by CIO Jim Bottum, the center brings together faculty, staff, students and external partners to support undergraduate creative inquiry, faculty research, pedagogy and outreach through social media listening.

The center has six large display screens that faculty and students monitor, similar to a small network operations center. Salesforce Radian6 provides the platform to listen, discover, measure and engage in conversations across the Web by capturing more than 150 million sources of social media conversations, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs and other online communities. The Radian6 summary dashboard provides a graphic display of social media content to convey sentiment, share of voice, trend information, geo-location data and much more.

Sample projects include student teams listening to:

  • The conversation among Millenials about an automobile brand to help another student team create an advertising campaign for a specific car.
  • Conversations about emergency management issues to determine patterns in conversations that may help law enforcement deliver better services to citizens.
  • Online conversation around college athletics. They are examining the words people use to describe college sports, patterns and conversations about different sports, and why differences exist in conversations around women and men's college sports.