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Allen Sharpe

Allen SharpeAllen Sharpe is a Program Coordinator at Midlands Technical College based in Columbia, SC.  Midlands Technical College is a comprehensive, multi-campus, two-year public college serving the primary region of Richland, Lexington and Fairfield counties of South Carolina. The institution prepares a diverse student population to succeed in the job market, to transfer to senior colleges and universities, and to achieve their professional and personal goals. 

Mr. Sharpe has been with Midlands Technical College for 14 years in various capacities spending the majority of his time within the Student Development Services division in the Office of Student and Campus Information Services.  In this position, Mr. Sharpe plans and coordinates administrative management for the Northeast Campus Student and Campus Information Center, which serves as a One Stop Enrollment Center for Admissions, Student Financial Services, credit and non-credit course advising, and other college services.  Also, Mr. Sharpe performs a variety of enrollment management functions for students who identify in one of the institution’s nine transitional Bridge Programs.

Allen appreciates the opportunity to be a life-long learner.  Having completed a bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, he felt it was necessary to more narrowly focus on the factors of public administration that impact the higher education environment, particularly policy development and implementation, non-profit law, public data analysis and administrative leadership.  The Clemson MPA program has afforded Mr. Sharpe with an excellent opportunity to not only study these areas but to also network with others to determine best practices as well as understand how other organizations are handling contemporary challenges.  When asked about Clemson’s MPA program, he said, “When I think of a top-tier institution of higher learning, my mind immediately turns to Clemson University.  This high seminary of learning has brought together professors and students who are committed to quality.   Individuals who are prepared to engage in discussions and discuss their practical application that is making positive change a reality.  The MPA program puts us in contact with faculty who have worked for the movers and shakers, committed their time and talent to public service, and who continue to make significant marks in the field of public administration.  The MPA program at Clemson University is a high-quality program, and I’m thrilled to be a student in such an amazing program!”