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Becky Horace

Becky HoraceI graduated from the Clemson MPA program in 2012 with a focus in local government. I had received a wonderful opportunity to further my career with the City of Pickens but about six months into the job my husband was asked to expatriate to Bangkok, Thailand with Michelin.

With our impending move to Bangkok, I knew I couldn’t work in local government, especially in a country that still has a King. I decided I would not waste my education and I had to get to work to preserve my sanity. If there was one thing that the MPA program taught me, it was how to write! I started my career as a freelance writer, which eventually brought me back full circle to my MPA roots by creating a nonprofit.

We had moved to Bangkok in January 2013 and had noticed our son was not adjusting well. After six months of saying “he will snap out of it” we went to talk to a doctor because we knew something wasn’t quite right. After seeing several different specialists, our son was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum with PDD-NOS, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. This diagnosis is a hard one to handle; it means something is wrong but they aren’t exactly sure how to label it but they do know he needs assistance. With this diagnosis, we started early intervention therapy for our son and after several years of therapy he is completely back on track with no signs of any developmental issues.

Becky Horace, MPAAs a writer and after talking with my son’s doctor we decided to create an online magazine that shared articles on parenting and development; with that SEEK Magazine was created. Shortly after the website went live I realized with what I learned from the MPA program and with my nonprofit friends I had met along the way from the program, SEEK could become so much more. I went through the long process of becoming a 501c3 with the IRS in the hopes to raise funds for children around the world who were in need of early intervention therapy. The MPA program gave me the base knowledge and confidence I needed to start up this nonprofit.

Before I had arrived back in the States, the City of Pickens reached back out with a job offer with a focus on writing grants. After a few months, my role with the City which began in January 2016 evolved into zoning and planning, grant writing and administration, marketing, and project management.

The Clemson MPA program not only taught me the skills I needed to work in local government but it gave me the ability to adapt to any situation and to feel confident in the work that I produce.