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Joshua Stephens

Joshua StephensI currently serve as the Deputy Director of Community Development and as Zoning Administrator for Oconee County, South Carolina.  My primary duties include assisting the Director, preparing and assisting in the management of the department's budget, serving as staff liaison to the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals, and ensuring that daily operations of the department's different divisions run smoothly.  Those divisions include Addressing, Building Codes, Codes Enforcement, Permitting, Planning and Zoning.  The best part of the job is working with citizens, communities and businesses to find creative solutions to problems facing Oconee.

The on the job training and experience I have received has been crucial for my growth professionally.  However, a formal education in Public Administration is proving to be just as important.  Clemson's MPA program offers a world class education that is built upon flexibility for working professionals and real world application of lessons learned in the class room.  I recently started my journey with the MPA program and I am already seeing the positive impacts daily.  My early course work has broadened my perspective and provided me with lessons that I have been able to directly apply to my work in a way that has improved overall service delivery. Also, the MPA program's staff has been extremely helpful and supportive during my time with the program. 

I have no doubt that my time with the MPA program is going to be well worth the investment and help me achieve my career goals.  GO TIGERS!