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TIGERs GPS - Government and Public Service Blog

We are excited to provide an opportunity for this blogging journey with students and faculty as we continue to learn from each other and share stories, best practices and other ponderings in this forum. This blog also presents an opportunity to build on skill sets that are in high demand in today’s workforce. Consistently, international and national level firm surveys reveal that of the ten skills employers want the most, written and verbal communication and analyzing and synthesizing information are at the top. Moreover, many firms see the ability to be creative and innovative as critical in the 21st century. We hope this blog will serve as an opportunity to learn from each other about a diverse range of policy, public administration and non-profit issues, along with helping us all to be more effective ad creative communicators. It is with this in mind that I break the Champagne Bottle over the hull and christen the Blog – Cheers to TIGERs GPS

~ Lori A. Dickes, Phd

Blogging Basics- How to submit

Develop a 250-500 word blog post on a PA, non-profit or policy issue. It may be…

  • An op-ed or a slice-of-life piece;
  • An issue that you want to explore in more depth;
  • A professional experience that you want to share.

Submission are accepted on a rolling basis. We want to hear from you! Knowledge is a public good -so let's share...

Please email to:
Dr. Yazykova or Prof. Schmidt