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School of Nursing

Leadership & Innovation in Health + Design Certificate

Clemson University Nurses earning a certificate in Leadership & Innovation in Health + Design

The School of Nursing and the Graduate Program in Architecture + Health at Clemson University are collaborating on an online, distance education certificate program to educate health and design professionals in the art and science of healthcare design. Florence Nightingale influenced education and practice for both nursing and architecture. Nurses and architects have long understood that good design leads to good health.

The purpose of this scholarly certificate program is to inform nurses, allied health and designers to collaborate in architecture design + health for a positive impact on the environment in which patients and their families experience care.

Post-master's and doctoral graduates are encouraged to apply.

  • Certificate Program Goals
    1. Understand frameworks that impact the built environment for improved health care outcomes.

    2. Educate health and design professionals (nursing, allied health, architecture) to practice and advocate for improved quality settings and delivery of health care within health care environments.

    3. Understand the role of health systems science as it relates to interprofessional care providers and health leaders through interdisciplinary collaboration and the health care built environment.

    4. Apply and disseminate knowledge on the impact of the built environment on health care acquired in a clinical, industry or academic setting.

    5. Prepare design professionals to interact and work with clinical healthcare providers in collaborative cross-disciplinary design and design decision-making.

  • Why Enroll In This Program?

    While there are many certificate programs to choose from, we offer a few reasons to select this one:

    • We offer courses led by internationally recognized leaders in nursing and health care architecture research, education and design.
    • This is a blended program, suited for working professionals and recent graduates with a passion for the design of health care environments
  • Plan Of Study

    Courses will be taken in sequence.

    Spring Year 1
    ARCH 8650 - Topics in Health Policy, Planning & Administration

    Provides a general overview of the context for the planning and design of health care organizations and health care facilities in the United States. Major current trends and issues in public policy, planning and the business of health care organizations are covered.
    Credit Hours - 3

    Summer Year 1
    NURS 8070 - Nursing Research Design & Methods
    Quantitative and qualitative research methodologies useful and appropriate to clinical nursing practice and for the development of nursing knowledge; ethics with human subject; does not include thesis advisement.
    Credit Hours - 3

    Fall Year 1
    ARCH 8860 - Health Facilities Planning and Design
    Current planning and design considerations for health care facilities. Conducted as a series of professional seminars examining overall infrastructure planning and design consideration and detailed considerations for specific areas in hospitals. Topics are covered by Architecture + Health faculty and national recognized practitioners.
    Credit Hours - 3

    Spring Year 2
    NURS 9120 - Healthcare Outcomes in the Built Environment
    Examines the science of systems within the healthcare design and built environment, including models, methods, and tools. Emphasis is placed on design strategies that use evidence-based practices to improve outcomes and ensure safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. A corequisite practicum course, NURS 9121, provides students an opportunity to be mentored by experts in the field of health care built environments. Coreg: NURS9121.
    Credits Hours - 3 (2 Contact Hours)

  • Application and Financial

    Dates and Deadlines:

    1. Apply through the Graduate School December 1st for a Spring admission

    Do you qualify for entry?

    1. Post Baccalaureate students who have: Worked in healthcare, participated in a healthcare design initiative, and/or have knowledge of research processes or evidence-based quality improvement projects.
    2. Master's or Ph.D. Degree in related field (i.e Nursing/Allied Health/Architecture) GPA 3.0 or higher.
    3. International students should have a TOEFL score of 90 or greater (within past 2 years).

    You will need these application documents:

    1. Personal Statement: What are your reasons for pursuing this certificate program? What are your reasons for choosing Clemson University?
    2. References: 3 total (academic and professional)
    3. Licensure: In appropriate disciplines
    4. Clemson University Graduate School Application forms
    5. Resume/Curriculum Vitae
    6. Unofficial transcripts from all post-secondary institutions

    For students who have successfully completed the certificate program and want to return for degree seeking in either school, you’ll have to re-apply to the appropriate degree program, and you may only transfer up to 6 credit hours of the coursework completed.

    Anticipated Costs of the Program Tuition: $9,240

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  • Contact

    For more information, please contact Kathleen Valentine at

    Clemson University Program Leaders:
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