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Nursing Honors Application Process

Thank you for applying to the Clemson University School of Nursing honors program! Please understand that these materials are different than those needed for University honors, which will be completed at a later time if you are not already part of the Calhoun Honors College. The materials you will need are:

*Transcript and references not needed if you are already part of Calhoun Honors College.

Application Form - Download the Application Form
Please fill out all parts of the application form. Be sure to include CUID and GPA on this form. If you are interested in a specific field of nursing (such as OB, critical care, pediatrics, oncology, etc.) please indicate this under “area of interest.” This is optional but strongly recommended.

Writing Sample
Attach a sample of your writing as a separate file rather than including it in the application form. Please be sure that this is a technical piece of writing related to health care (i.e. research related, not an informal piece of writing). This can be a smaller portion of a larger paper. Two pages double spaced and two references (references not included in page count).

Please attach the most current version of your résumé. No length requirement.

Unofficial Transcript
This is the transcript listed on iROAR (or other academic site if not at Clemson University). Please save as a PDF rather than taking screenshots if possible. (File>Print>PDF>Save as PDF)

Plan of Study - Download the course planner
Using the template attached, please list all the courses you plan to take between now and graduation if accepted. Include honors classes.

Two References - Download the references form
References should be from Clemson University faculty, lab faculty or professionals from a clinical or health-related setting. References can be sent to Nancy Meehan -

Once all materials are completed, please send one email with all necessary materials to References may be sent separately.

University Honors Application

After being selected as part of the School of Nursing honors group, students should apply for general University honors status. This can be completed by going to: University honors status here.

  • Click the “continuing student application form.”
  • Fill out all sections of the application on the first page.
    • Note: Under the “at this time I am applying for” dropbox select “general honors.”
  • Continue to the second page.
  • You may skip the essay. Instead, write “selected through the Nursing Department.”
Necessary Links

How to apply

Application Form

Course Planner

Reference Form


Dr. Nancy K. Meehan
Associate Professor
439 Edwards
(864) 656-5508

Kristin Goodenow
Academic Advising Center
309 Edwards
(864) 656-5495