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As our world and society become increasingly interdependent, the problems of one sector or group can frequently affect the welfare and concerns of the rest.  Economic development, viable agriculture, natural resource allocation, property rights, rural development, small town and community development, and environmental issues are just some of the difficult policy issues that are on the agendas of national, state, and local policy makers.  Business and government leaders must continue to make complex decisions that often have long term consequences.  To meet this need, Clemson University’s interdisciplinary Policy Studies Program offers the Ph.D. in Policy Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Policy Studies.

The mission of the Policy Studies Program is to provide an educational and research opportunity for bringing together talented men and women and to develop leadership careers in the policy process and public policy analysis, in either the private, public, or nonprofit sectors.  Additionally, the program will expand the capacity to conduct policy-relevant research, which is appropriate for the objectives of a land grant university, and adhering to the highest standards of academic rigor, objectivity, and independence.


Policy Studies Student accepts position in Clemson Graduate Student Government

Policy Studies Student accepts position in Clemson Graduate Student GovernmentPolicy Studies Ph.D. student Anna Eskridge will be serving in the Graduate Student Government President's Cabinet this coming school year (2011-2012) as the Secretary of Governmental Affairs.   One of the focuses of the position will be trying to ensure student health insurance stays affordable once the new federal healthcare law goes into effect in 2014.  Learn more about the Clemson Graduate Student Government at

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