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Spring Semester in Belgrade

BelgradeSpring Semester Abroad, Belgrade, Serbia

Earn Clemson credit in Belgrade, the crossroads of Europe and the capital of Serbia, for about the same cost as you would spend to study in Clemson! Satisfy most of your global politics or political science minor requirements or many of your political science major requirements while spending a semester abroad gaining a true international perspective. All courses are taught in English by top Belgrade University professors. The academic program will consist of five Clemson courses (15 credit-hours total), including 12 hours of political science and three hours of elective.

The program includes numerous opportunities to interact with Serbian students, officials in the Serbian government, and representatives of local NGOs. The program includes several excursions within Serbia and the Balkan region. Students will gain a truly international perspective on world politics and international relations while studying and living in Belgrade, a cosmopolitan European capital city.

Clemson Spring Semester in Belgrade

About Belgrade

Belgrade, a jewel of European tourism, is a city with almost 2 million people. Its center - the old city - is small enough to get acquainted within a few days and start feeling at home. People are very friendly and most, especially the young, speak English.

The city connects northern and southern Europe, East and West, and Europe and Asia. Belgrade is the crossroads where civilizations met and armies and empires clashed, and where religions engaged in the struggle for souls. In Belgrade, cultures and ideas fused to create a rich and unique environment combining European finesse and refinement.

Numerous museums provide vivid displays of Serbia’s rich cultural heritage. Belgrade boasts some of the greatest nightlife to be found anywhere in Europe. The city has world-class opera, ballet and music. It is also famous for its restaurants and clubs, many with live music and all with cuisine combining the best of Europe. Outdoor cafes abound throughout the city’s center.

Clemson students at Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade

Clemson students
at Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade

Clemson students in the city center of Belgrade.

Clemson students
in the city center of Belgrade