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PRTM Work & Play

The dedicated students and faculty of the PRTM department contribute an unfaltering amount of effort, time and work to their duties here at Clemson University. However, with its framework built upon student engagement and inclusion, it is no surprise that the PRTM department at Clemson has its fair share of fond memories to look back on; where work meets play to create a lasting impression for years to come. 

Check out this growing "scrapbook" of memories and learning experiences from PRTM outside of the classroom. If you have experiences you remember fondly from your time in the program, submit them to us on Facebook for the chance to have them featured here, along with your personal account of how these outings and events strengthened you as a student and person! 

The EDGE Program 

The PRTM EDGE, or Engaging in Diverse, Guided Experiences program, allows students to venture past learning in a traditional classroom setting and get a hands-on look at the industries they will soon enter. The EDGE program features outings to exciting places like the South Carolina State Park, Outdoor Chattanooga, planetariums, aquariums and much more! While learning about these locations, the students engage in various team building and trust enhancing exercises and have the opportunity to learn and grow through a variety of experiences.  


Clemson Outdoor Lab 

Clemson's Outdoor Lab has served our program for many years for learning through recreation and team building. The compilation below features photos from 1997 - Charlie White accompanying students in their adventures at the outdoor lab, as well as a few students taking their learning experiences to “new heights”! The Outdoor Lab still serves as a key part of our PRTM program today.

Outdoor Lab

(Images from November, 1997)

Cow Drop and Edge Abroad

The memories below commemorate two very different times in PRTM, joining the past and present! The Cow Drop was an annual fundraiser for the PRTM department in the 80s and 90s that involved guessing which square a cow would drop its "patty" on in a large field. The Tiger and Cub are coaxing the cow to get up to finish the "job." This served as a friendly reminder of the effervescent energy of the department itself. The EDGE Abroad program is one of the study abroad programs that allows PRTM students in their first sophomore semester to gain new life experiences abroad. This program builds students to be more well-rounded young individuals while providing them the memories of a lifetime. Read more >>> EDGE in the United Kingdom (January 16 - March 26, 2016).

PRTM Cow Drop and Edge Abroad

Bridge Run & Spring Jubilee

More exciting outings for the PRTM department! The group participates in annual events like the Bridge Run to build teamwork and to be able to really live their careers in recreation. They also volunteer at events like the Spring Jubilee, to give service back to the local community. 

PRTM Bridge Run and Spring Jubilee

Check back soon for more work and play memories and share your own memories with us! Visit us on Facebook and share your memories and photos with us! With your permission, some could be featured here to help us commemorate our 50th anniversary!