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Master of Science PRTM (Thesis) Degree

The Master of Science in PRTM (thesis) degree is designed for people planning to undertake doctoral study, research related positions in their chosen profession or administration position in park, recreation and/or tourism agencies.

The goal of this degree is to produce a skilled professional capable of research with minimal supervision.

  • Application Deadline

    Applications wanting to be considered for fall admission should be submitted with all required materials by February 1 and for spring admission, application materials are due by October 1.

  • Transfer Credit

    A maximum of 12 hours may be transferred.

  • Time Limit

    All course work to be credited toward the master's degree must have been enrolled in and completed within six calendar years prior to the date on which the degree is to be awarded.

  • Course Requirements

    Minimum Course Requirements (17 hours)

    • PRTM 8010 Philosophical Foundations (3 credits)
    • PRTM 8080 Behavioral Aspects of PRTM (3 credits)
    • PRTM 8110 Research Methods in PRTM (3 credits)
    • PRTM 8910 Master's Research (6 credits)
    • PRTM 9100 Research Seminar (2 credits)

    Other Courses (19 hours)

    • 3-4 credits of statistics
    • 3 credits of research methods in addition to PRTM 8110
    • 12-13 hours of additional classes to be selected by student with advisor's approval
    • At least one half of the total graduate credit hours, exclusive of thesis research, will be from courses numbered 8000 or above. TOTAL: 36 hours

  • Committee

    The student's committee must consist of at least three members and the majority of the advisory committee, including the major advisor, must be comprised of Clemson University faculty from the program offering the particular degree and who hold full-time tenure-track positions. Part-time and visiting faculty employed by Clemson may serve on this committee but may not serve as chair. Persons not employed by Clemson University may serve if they have been appointed to an adjunct faculty status.

  • Final Examination

    A thesis is required with a successful oral defense of the thesis.

For more information

Please contact the coordinator of graduate studies at or call (864) 656-2708 for more information. The fax number is (864) 656-2226. If you would like to submit the Departmental Supplemental Information Form, please fill out the form. A formal Graduate School application must also be submitted. Please click this link for information.