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The Master of Public Administration Internship at Clemson University is an important part of the MPA curriculum for students with little or no professional experience. The MPA Internship course, PADM 8790, is not required but is an elective and is strongly encouraged for students with 5 or fewer years of professional experience.

"The goal of the Internship is to provide MPA students with professional opportunities beyond their current position or place of employment, whether in another organization or through a special project at their current place of employment. The Internship is meant to provide practical, applied experience in a specific public administration and/or non-profit specialization."

The MPA Internship should be aligned with your core coursework as well as your particular field of interest. The experience should provide you with a clear understanding of the practical applications of the coursework required in the MPA program. It should allow you to see how the concepts of public administration, as covered by the core classes in the program, apply in practice. In order to assure that the experience proposed is the best fit for you, the MPA program coordinator, Dr. Lori A. Dickes, will discuss the proposed internship and formally approve the internship request. The MPA program is also flexible to considering the type of internship model that works for you. Many internships are non-traditional and as such, may require evening, weekend or remote work. As long as it meets the aforementioned criteria the program is open to the course model that best suits the student.