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Master of Public Administration Certificate

Clemson University’s Master in Public Administration (MPA) program offers a professional, non-degree certificate in public administration (PADM). This is a fully online program expanding students’ educational background for a wide range of public and nonprofit careers. The program allows students to network with students and faculty from across the country and to choose coursework from a diverse set of specializations based on interest and professional need. The Clemson PADM certificate provides coursework for certification in emergency management, homeland defense and security, nonprofit management, regional sustainability and general public administration.

All of the credits earned during the certificate program are fully transferable to the full MPA degree program.

The program of study for the public administration certificate requires five courses or 15 hours. Students are required to choose at least one course from the MPA core curriculum. The MPA core curriculum is as follows:

  • Administrative Leadership
  • Perspectives of Public Administration
  • Public Data Analysis
  • Public Financial Management
  • Public Personnel Administration
  • Public Policy Process
  • Research Methods for PADM

In order to meet the 15 hour requirement, students may choose up to four courses or 12 hours from elective courses offered in the following program specialization areas:

  • Emergency Management
  • Homeland Defense and Security
  • Local and State Government
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Regional Sustainability

Be advised that due to the fact that this is a non-degree program, federal financial aid will not be awarded to individuals in the non-degree, certificate program.