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Recreational Therapy Faculty

Image of Marieke Van Puymbroeck

Marieke Van Puymbroeck, Ph.D., CTRS, FDRT
Tel: 864-656-1189
Marieke's CV

Marieke Van Puymbroeck is a recreational therapist and rehabilitation scientist. She received her B.S. in therapeutic recreation from Longwood College (now University), her M.S. in therapeutic recreation and Ph.D. in rehabilitation science from the University of Florida. She is the recreational therapy coordinator at Clemson University and is the past president of the National Academy of Recreational Therapists. Her research interests are in the area of integrative medicine, primarily yoga, as a means to promote health and well-being for individuals with chronic disease and disability.

Image of Brent Hawkins

Brent Hawkins, Ph.D., LRT/CTRS
Tel: 864-656-0458
Brent's CV

Brent Hawkins a recreational therapist. He received his B.S. in recreational therapy and M.S. in recreational therapy administration from East Carolina University. Brent received his Ph.D. in parks, recreation and tourism management from Clemson University. His academic and research interests include RT’s role in treating and serving injured military service members and veterans' and program evaluation and outcome measurement in RT.

Image of Jasmine Townsend

Jasmine Townsend, Ph.D., CTRS
Tel:  864-656-2198
Jasmine's CV

Jasmine Townsend is a recreational therapist. She received her B.A. in history teaching and PE/coaching from Utah State University, her M.S. in youth and family recreation from Brigham Young University and her Ph.D. in leisure behavior from Indiana University. Her research interests include examining the impacts of family recreation participation on family well-being for different types of families, as well as the outcomes of participation in recreation programs (both therapeutic and non-therapeutic) for injured military service members and their families.

Image of Stephen Lewis

Stephen Lewis, Ph.D., CTRS
Tel: 864-656-1229
Stephen's CV

Stephen Lewis received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in recreation and leisure services administration (with an emphasis in therapeutic recreation) from Florida State University, and his Ph.D. in leisure behavior from Indiana University. His main academic interests include mental health recovery, obesity-stigma and LGBT issues in recreation and leisure.

Image of Carmen Hawkins

Carmen Hawkins, CTRS, CCLS

Carmen Hawkins is a dual-certified recreational therapist and child life specialist and received her B.S. in recreational therapy from East Carolina University. She completed her internship in oncology, specifically in the bone marrow transplant unit. Shortly after graduating, she worked in a group home setting and long-term care setting. She completed a year-long fellowship where she worked as a recreational therapist in many areas including inpatient rehabilitation, burn center, oncology and pediatrics. This fellowship helped her decide to pursue a certification as a child life specialist in addition to the CTRS. She also has experience as a senior center manager where she assisted seniors age 55 and older with wellness and lifelong learning. She is currently the aquatics coordinator and an exercise instructor at Central-Clemson Recreation Center.

Image of Kristin Neff

Kristin Neff, M.S., CTRS

Kristin Neff is a recreational therapist and exercise specialist. She received her B.S. at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, in exercise science. At that time, she began working at a Paralympic training center called the Lakeshore Foundation. Through her time there, she developed a passion for adaptive sport and recreation, and upon graduating she decided to pursue a M.S. in recreation therapy at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Her internship was completed at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia, where she was able to share the passion for recreation with individuals who had sustained traumatic injuries. She has had the opportunity to work at several facilities in Tennessee and has most recently worked again for the Shepherd Center.