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Testimonials / e-Portfolio Samples

Professional e-portfolios are a required capstone experience of all M.S. Youth Development Leadership students.   Below you will find a link to the professional e-portfolio of Toby Kirkland, currently Associate Director of the Youth Learning Institute at Clemson University, as well as other e-portfolios.

Professional e-portfolios include:

  • Resume
  • Professional Philosophy Statement
  • Artifacts or Deliverables produced in each course
  • Reflections on Artifacts
  • Final Reflection on Review of all Artifacts and Current Professional Activities and Future Goals

These e-portfolios serve three purposes:

1. Completion of YDP 8900 - The Profession of Youth Development Leadership
2. Preparation for the Comprehensive Exam required by the Graduate School
3. Strategic demonstration of youth development leadership skills to prospective employers

Stephanie Safford (M.S. in Youth Development Leadership, 2016)

Hello!!Hope all is well at Clemson! I just wanted to take the time to write you all and say thank you again for your wonderful program. Today I was offered a position with the City of Augusta Parks and Recreation as a Recreation Specialist. I will be doing program evaluation as well as overseeing the running of multiple youth programs they have. I truly think the e-Portfolio is what sealed the deal. So thank you for your awesome preparation for the real world as a YDL. ~ Stephanie Safford

Lindsay Fuller (M.S. in Youth Development Leadership, 2015)

"In the past two years, I have gone from receptionist/project assistant to a project coordinator and am now in training to manage a project that would allow for me to be a part of an initiative that is creating experiences for Native American youth across the country to develop leadership skills. I have worked on grant management and administration with a few multi-state, federally funded projects with Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the National Congress of American Indians. I am also a certified trainer through Boys & Girls Clubs of America. As I expressed to Dr. Quinn and other YDL professors, I could not have reached my position in the short amount of time that I have without the YDL program. It has built the confidence that I needed to share my ideas related to the projects we work on because I am able to utilize the content and strategies learned from Clemson to support my ideas. It also has allowed for me to become a more effective trainer of other youth development professionals because I can now take training a step further by letting them know how to accomplish something and why it is important and not just what needs to be done.

"In the past six months, I have gone on a few job interviews to explore my career options. One local nonprofit organization was extremely interested in the fact that I had a master’s in youth development leadership and really showed interest in me as a potential employee because of the degree and the subjects that we studied. While I decided that I was not ready to jump into the nonprofit world quite yet, because of the opportunities that keep arising at my current place of employment, it is comforting to know that the option is available.

"That is a lot to read! I have included so much because I do believe that the YDL program has many great things to offer and I would recommend the program. There is a lot of hard work involved, but it is absolutely worth it! Please feel free to send me a direct email if you have any specific questions or would like to chat more about the program/relevant job opportunities after."

Amanda Wagner (M.S. in Youth Development Leadership, 2014)

"I completed my degree in December 2014. Since then, I received a significant promotion with my company. I am currently the region manager of a youth employment program that serves youth across the state of South Carolina. I was told that my degree and commitment to continuing education was one attribute that set me apart from the other top candidate."

E-Portfolio Examples


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