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Frequently Asked Questions about PRTM EDGE

In our interactions with our former EDGE students as well as with various faculty and administrators at Clemson and at other universities, there are several questions about EDGE we frequently encounter. You'll find answers to these questions below. If you still have a question about PRTM EDGE, please contact Teresa Tucker, PRTM EDGE coordinator, at

  • What is the time commitment of EDGE?

    Students are asked to be available 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m. to noon on Friday. Although we do not use all of this time every day, we ask students to keep this time period open in case there are events and seminars we ask students to attend. If there is an event outside of this time frame that we want students to attend, we will give them a two-week notice. Some EDGE projects will require students to meet outside of this time frame as part of their EDGE experience.

  • What’s the deal with the multi-day field trip during EDGE? What can we expect?

    The multi-day trip is a chance to get out of the classroom and see PRTM agencies in action. While the EDGE team can teach students about theories, systems and models, speaking with professionals in the field gives students realistic expectations of the challenges and successes of daily operations of various agencies. This trip is not concentration specific. Instead, we focus on topics that affect all agencies, namely facility operations, administration, finance, marketing, programming and risk management. Our goal is to educate students about professionals in the field and help them understand the qualifications and skills needed to successfully operate an agency.

  • Is any of the material we learn specific to my concentration area?

    The PRTM EDGE program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and concepts needed to build a solid foundation in the field of parks, recreation and tourism management. This foundation will be a relevant and applicable starting place for all of the concentration areas offered in PRTM. Although, it is not the intent of the PRTM EDGE program to focus on learning that is specific to one concentration area, it is anticipated that you will be exposed to all of the concentration areas through collaboration with other students and visits with various agencies and professionals.

  • Do we have classes during EDGE?

    While in EDGE, you are registered for four courses. Each course has its own objectives and content; however, you will never actually meet in these courses during the semester. Instead, the material from the four courses is integrated together. The semester is, therefore, organized by what content goes together rather than what course is meeting when. Your schedule for EDGE is arranged week by week, without the confines of a strictly uniform schedule. One day you may attend a lecture, the next you may be in the field completing a project and the next in a group discussion. We teach when, where and how best fits the content.

  • How do we figure out our schedule?

    At the beginning of the semester you will receive an overview schedule of the semester that details the content to be covered each week. Also, you will be asked to keep a block of time open for classes all semester (typically 9 a.m.-2 p.m. on Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m.-12 noon on Friday). During the semester, class/meeting schedules are posted in two-week blocks on Blackboard. We have found that it takes students a couple of weeks to get used to the process, but then they typically like the flexibility such scheduling allows.

  • How often do we get to interact with faculty during EDGE?

    Without exception, one of the most frequent comments on EDGE evaluations has been how much more closely students work with faculty during the EDGE semester. Students and faculty work together to cover content, complete projects and travel in the field. During EDGE, faculty have no other teaching commitments which means that their teaching efforts are dedicated to EDGE students. Since the EDGE semester includes such a variety of experiences from field trips, to practical projects, to one-on-one meetings, faculty get to know their students in a way unique to the EDGE experience.

  • Can I take other courses while I'm enrolled in EDGE?

    Typically students cannot take other courses while enrolled in the PRTM EDGE semester. If a student wants to take any course during EDGE that is not on this approved list, the student needs to see Bob Brookover, Ph.D., (Lehotsky 265C) for formal approval as well as the consent form, and the form must be signed by the instructor of the non-EDGE course.

  • What happens when students leave EDGE and continue their more traditional courses?

    Students report that the transition back to traditional courses can be struggle. In EDGE, they become accustomed to the content of four courses being integrated into one semester-long experience; whereas when they go back to traditional courses, each course exists in isolation. However, students also report that they are more confident in their classes after EDGE, and many believe this is due to the relationship they develop with faculty. In fact, many still come to PRTM EDGE faculty to continue the support for their learning, as well as job and internship assistance.