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Students Engaging in Diverse, Guided Experiences

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The PRTM EDGE Philosophy: Learning should take place wherever, whenever, with whomever and however best facilitates an authentic connection between student, faculty and content.

PRTM EDGE is a complete immersive experience for our second semester sophomores that takes a collaborative approach to the delivery of core PRTM content.

The PRTM EDGE program is a semester-long (15 credit hour) integrated core curriculum experience that takes a collaborative and unique approach to the delivery of core PRTM content. During the PRTM EDGE semester, students are involved in multiple opportunities to learn content through the use of innovative teaching methods, undergraduate research, real world experiences and experiential learning.

The focus of this semester is not only to prepare students for their chosen profession but to also assist them in the development of skills and knowledge needed to be contributing and engaged members of society. These skills and knowledge are aligned with essential 21st century skills that include critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and collaboration. All students majoring in parks, recreation and tourism management (PRTM) are required to complete this program.

EDGE experienceHow PRTM EDGE Works

During PRTM EDGE, students spend the semester taking a common 15-credit core, composed of three courses and a Creative Inquiry (undergraduate research) class. Courses included in the PRTM EDGE Program:

  • PRTM 1980 (1 hr): Creative Inquiry         
  • PRTM 2260 (6 hrs): Foundations of Management/Administration in PRTM
  • PRTM 2270 (5 hrs): Provision of Leisure Services
  • PRTM 2290 (3 hrs): Distributed Competency Integration in PRTM

The learning outcomes for this course align with those of the National Recreation & Park Association Accreditation Standards.

The PRTM EDGE program affords the freedom to break down the walls of the classroom and the constraints of a typical class schedule. There is no set time to meet, no set location for meeting and no permanent instructor. Sometimes students meet in groups of 5, 25, 50, 75 or 150. Furthermore, the PRTM EDGE program schedule changes week to week in order to maximize our "wherever, whenever, with whomever and however" philosophy. Updates are posted regularly online so students are aware of their schedule, assignments and expectations for a 2-week block. Such a flexible schedule allows the EDGE semester to be nimble and adaptable.

With this flexibility, core course content is interwoven throughout the semester and taught using a variety of modalities including but not limited to field experiences, service learning, small and large group work, learning portfolios, volunteer experiences in the community, participation in workshops and conferences, lectures, creative inquiry and field trips to visit with leading PRTM professionals. View the FAQs to find out more about the PRTM EDGE schedule.

No learning in the PRTM EDGE Program takes place in isolation.


As we encourage our students to do during the PRTM EDGE program, a team of faculty members and graduate students, along with other University and community partners, collaborate to make PRTM EDGE program happen.

Our EDGE team meets regularly throughout the entire academic year in order to plan, implement and evaluate the PRTM EDGE program. Our EDGE team also works closely with current and former EDGE students to ensure that the student voice is taken into account as we make decisions before, during and after each EDGE semester. Furthermore, faculty and graduate students on the PRTM EDGE team have no teaching obligations outside of the PRTM EDGE program. Basically, during the EDGE semester, the students own the faculty’s time and the faculty own the students’ time.

Students have consistently commented on how the PRTM EDGE program format creates closer faculty/student bonds than those created in traditional classroom settings, allowing the EDGE team to adapt to the overall climate and input of the EDGE student community.

PRTM EDGE Program Offerings

This is the traditional semester long PRTM EDGE program. Most PRTM students are enrolled in the EDGE program. Enrollment is capped at 150 students.

Spring 2016 marked the first time that the PRTM EDGE program incorporated a study abroad component. In collaboration with Leeds Beckett University in the United Kingdom, PRTM students now have the opportunity to complete the PRTM EDGE program as part of a hybrid study abroad. Basically, PRTM students spend the first two weeks at Clemson, then spend nine weeks at Leeds Beckett University with a Clemson faculty, and finally return to Clemson for the last month of classes. Read more about what happens during PRTM EDGE Study Abroad in the UK.

As of summer 2015, the PRTM EDGE program is offered during the long summer session (12 weeks). Enrollment is capped at 25 students.

Still have questions about the PRTM EDGE Program? View our FAQ page or contact our PRTM EDGE Coordinator, Teresa Tucker at