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A beach in Puerto Rico

Art + Science Workshop


Art + Science = Perception

is a graduate student workshop in Vieques, Puerto Rico from Saturday 3 December to Saturday 10 December 2022.

A workshop focused on collaboration and perception

Increasingly, the synthesis of art and science has been undertaken by both disciplines as a way of sharpening perception of the natural and cultural world. Teaching skills of collaboration and advancing the understanding of science by artists and art by scientists is vital, and can expand professional opportunities.


About the Workshop

The workshop is a week-long immersive experience on art and science collaboration with daily instruction at visually stunning and ecologically diverse bays, beaches, and field sites on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. 
The workshop is designed for graduate students in the visual arts and/or sciences from any institution and from any country. 
Workshop fee: $1,400 USD which covers meals, lodging, local transportation, and other workshop expenses. Airfare to Vieques is not included. 
Clemson University Departments of Art | Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management | Forestry and Environmental Conservation | Clemson Institute for Parks