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Bicycle Research Team


To improve bicycling opportunities through research and service.


To conduct research projects pertaining to bicycling knowledge, processes and cycling-related systems. Our research is not limited by physical boundaries, and we work to increase knowledge associated with the community, economic and social costs and benefits of bicycling within the local, regional and global areas.

Bike sharing programs, bike-friendly cities and criteria, trail impact, the social, economic and cultural impacts of biking, factors that influence cycling, community and commuter relations and other areas where bicyclists interact with the community.


Charles Chancellor (, Ph.D., PRTM Associate Professor

Associate Directors

General Classification Participants


  • Li-Hsin Chen
  • Brent Beadles 
  • Logan McFall
  • Grace Orders
  • Josh Swain
  • Austin Langley
  • Sam Keith
  • Gyunghoon Kim
  • Economic development
  • Visitor surveys
  • User surveys
  • Tourism planning
  • Marketing research
  • Destination branding
  • Evaluation of the Momentum Bicycle Club, a non-profit with the goal to positively impact the development of young people through mentoring relationships by establishing bike clubs in under-served communities.
  • Increasing Clemson's Bicycle Friendly University level from bronze to silver through research & development projects to enhance cycling on campus.
  • Study of Clemson Public Bike Share
  • Mountain bike plan, Hardscramble Property, Camden, SC
  • Co-author with Clemson University Department of Planning and Design, of Appalachian Regional Commission grant to begin a Clemson University multiuse trail. 
  • Trail use conflict of the Clemson Experimental Forest users
  • Organizing/planning Jubilee Joy Ride
  • Triathlon marketing plan
  • Economic impact of USTA Championship 
  • Clemson bicycle/pedestrian counts
  • Segmentation of bicycle tourists
  • Trail use conflict in natural areas
  • Bicycle participation surveys
  • GIS mapping of bicycle crashes in S.C.
  • Doodle Trail User Survey 2016, Pickens, SC. Data supported an Appalachian Regional Commission Grant to extend the trail and the grant was funded.
Adventure Cycling Alliance for Biking & Walking International Mountain Bicycling Association
League of AmericanBicyclists
Rails to Trains Conservancy
Bike Walk NC