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Public Health Sciences

Public Health Certificate

Undergraduate Public Health Certificate

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The Department of Public Health Sciences is offering an online, nine credit undergraduate-level certificate for undergraduate students enrolled at Clemson University who are not currently majoring in the Health Science or Language & International Health undergraduate concentrations. The goal of this certificate is to provide basic educational training in core public health concepts and applications for students who intend to apply to graduate programs in public health or desire introductory coursework in public health as preparation for professional schools in health care delivery.

  • What are the Benefits of Pursuing this Certificate?
    • The online classes in public health, health care systems, and epidemiology are excellent preparation for health professions, including medical school and other graduate level health programs.
    • The required classes in this certificate program can fulfill elective credits while better preparing you for your career.
    • The certificate can be completed by taking these courses online during the summer sessions. A limited number of online certificate courses are also offered during the Fall & Spring sessions.
    • An earned public health certificate will be part of your Clemson transcript.
  • What are the Requirements for Completing the Certificate?
    • The undergraduate-level public health certificate is made up of three certificate HLTH courses (nine hours). The courses are offered during the summer, spring and fall terms and will be primarily taught online by faculty in the Department of Public Health Sciences.  
    • The Certificate requires successful completion of the three indicated courses with a minimum average GPR of 2.5 for the three classes and no grade lower than a "D".
  • Required Online Certificate Courses
    • HLTH 2020-Introduction to Public Health
      Introduction to Public Health Examines the forces that have influenced current public health delivery systems, health practices, and trends. An introduction to population and public health theories and models as well as general systems theory is introduced.
    • HLTH 2030-Overview of Health Care Systems
      Overview of Health Care Systems  Provides an introduction to the American health care delivery system including its foundation, primary characteristics, resources, and processes. Fee-for-service, managed care, and integrated care organizations will be discussed while considering access, cost, and quality of care.
    • HLTH 3800-Epidemiology
      Epidemiology Introduces epidemiological principles and methods used in the study of the origin, distribution and control of disease within populations.
  • Who can Enroll?

    Any currently enrolled undergraduate Clemson student not majoring in Health Science or Language & International Health is encouraged to enroll in and complete the public health certificate.

  • What are the Procedures for Certificate Application, Completion and Acknowledgement?
    • Prior to completing all the required certificate courses, the student should 1) print the Undergraduate Certificate Application form, 2) fill in the required student information and code for the Undergraduate Public Health Certificate program (CERTU-PUBH-C) and 3) return the completed application form to the program director for their signature and processing (527 Edwards Hall or E-mail a .pdf copy to
    • The program director will route the completed application form to Clemson's Enrolled Student Services Office to obtain an official copy of the Undergraduate Certificate Plan of Study form.
    • The program director will contact the student when the Undergraduate Certificate Plan of Study form is received from Enrolled Student Services, after which the student will need to get the official Plan of Study form signed by their primary advisor and resubmit it to the program director.
    • The student should successfully complete the 3 required online certificate courses: HLTH 2020, HLTH 2030 & HLTH 3800 (Note: Non-Health Science/L&IH majors are given enrollment priority for the online certificate courses).
    • After the student has successfully completed all 3 online certificate courses, the director of the program will submit the final paperwork to Enrolled Student Services who will validate program completion and update your transcripts.
    • Contact Ralph S. Welsh for any advising or application questions related to the Undergraduate Public Health Certificate program.
    • The Department of Public Health Sciences will issue a certificate, suitable for framing, to the student at the mailing address indicated on his/her application form. The certificate can also be picked up from the program director.  

Clinical and Translational Research Graduate Certificate

Man in a medical laboratory

Clemson University's Department of Public Health Sciences and Department of Mathematical Sciences, in collaboration with the Prisma-Health Upstate, is now offering a graduate-level certification in clinical and translational research. The goal of this program is to enhance clinical and translational research capabilities of clinicians, research support staff, and other health professionals. The program will be delivered via evening classes at the University Center Greenville in Greenville, South Carolina.

  • What are the benefits of this certificate program?
    • Improve readiness to launch clinical and translational research studies
    • Improve grantsmanship necessary to attract research funding
    • Improve ability to analyze research data
    • Improve formal presentation and publication success rate
    • Improve patient care and health outcomes
  • What are the Requirements?
    • HLTH 8120 - Clinical and Translational Science (2)
    • HLTH 8210 - Health Research I:  Design and Measurement (3)
    • HLTH 8090 - Epidemiological Research (3)
  • What are the elective courses?
    • HLTH 8140 - Health System Quality Improvement (2)
    • HLTH 8130 - Population Health & Research (2)
    • *MTHSC 8050 - Data Analysis (3)
    • *MTHSC 8070 - Applied Multivariate Analysis (3)

    *MTHSC courses are offered on Clemson's main campus.

  • Certificate Completion Options

    12-month plan:

    Fall: HLTH 8120 & HLTH 8140
    Spring: HLTH 8210 & HLTH 8130
    Summer: HLTH 8090

    21-month plan:

    Year 1: Fall: HLTH 8120
      Spring: HLTH 8210
      Summer: HLTH 8090
    Year 2: Fall: HLTH 8140
      Spring: HLTH 8130

    Note: GHS employees: This certificate has been approved for tuition reimbursement. For consideration apply via the GHS Health Sciences Center Research Division.

  • Contact Us

    For more information about the program, please contact:

    Tanya Staton
    Department of Public Health Sciences
    420 Edwards Hall
    (864) 245-1578

Department of Public Health Sciences
Department of Public Health Sciences | 503 Edwards Hall