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MS in Social Science

The Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice offers an M.S. in Social Science degree. This outstanding graduate program provides a solid foundation in social science research methods. It emphasizes practical and theoretical knowledge in the areas of sociology, anthropology and criminal justice, and focuses on the acquisition of social science research skills, theory application and field experience. The program prepares students to conduct theoretically sound, empirically sophisticated research projects, as well as evaluation studies of organizational programs and policies.

You can complete your degree in only 30 hours (for non-thesis students) or 36 hours (for thesis students) of graduate credit in typically 3-4 semesters. The core curriculum includes qualitative and quantitative research methods, social theory, survey design and/or evaluation methods, and professional development. Students can tailor their studies to suit their career goals with the guidance of their individual committees.

Research Opportunities

The M.S. in Social Science offers a strong grounding in research design, execution and analysis, with an emphasis on applying social theory and constructing, managing and analyzing data sets to solve real world problems. Students work closely with faculty on their research endeavors or the student’s own research, leading to opportunities for either employment or pursuing a PhD. Faculty members and graduate students often collaborate on research projects with colleagues from other departments.

4+1 Accelerated Track

The 4+1 in Social Science program at Clemson University is an accelerated track to a Master’s degree, allowing qualified students to get both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in five years without having to take the GRE. The 4+1 program is open to all Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice majors. To qualify for this program, you must have completed your bachelor’s curriculum through your junior year (at least 90 credit hours) with a minimum overall grade point average of 3.4. If you may be interested in our accelerated track option to an M.S. in Social Science, please fill out this Google Form and contact Dr. Bryan Miller, Graduate Coordinator ( to make an appointment. 

Student Experience

We attract students from all over the United States and abroad, people of all genders, ages, ethnicities, and national origins. Students come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds, including anthropology, criminal justice, sociology, psychology, business, communications, and journalism.

Student Outcomes

Graduates of our program are highly marketable and have an excellent employment record. They have been hired by governmental, public and private organizations including the National Opinion Research Center, Nielsen Media, Arbitron, Research Triangle Institute, United Way, Society for Human Resource Management, American Institutes for Research, District of Columbia Public Schools and the U.S. Census Bureau. Graduates are data analysts, evaluation researchers, policy analysts, statisticians and management consultants. Graduates also have successfully pursued doctoral and professional studies at public and private universities.


The department seeks applicants who have a desire to develop their social science research skills which are highly valued in both commercial and academic settings. Prior coursework in research methods and statistics is encouraged, but not required. Applicants should apply for fall admission, but applications are accepted year-round. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with a priority deadline of February 1stAssistantships are competitive, so it is advisable to apply as early as possible.

Apply online here

Financial Aid

As funds are available, the department offers graduate assistantships. Graduate assistants work 10 to 20 hours per week in the department. Highly qualified graduate students can compete for university fellowships. Assistantships and fellowships are highly prized and very competitive.

Please see the tuition schedules as posted on the web pages of the Graduate School to receive the most current information about tuition and fees.