OWA - Publish Calendar to Internet

Share calendars using a Microsoft Exchange Server account

Outlook Web App's Internet calendar publishing feature allows you to share your personal calendar with anyone, including individuals not using Exchange (e.g. outside vendors, colleagues).

Important information you should know.

The Outlook Web App Internet calendar publishing feature can only provide up to reviewer level access. Author level access and above requires a Clemson Exchange account and the use of a Full Outlook client.

Outlook Web App Calendar Publishing

Step1:Open your web browser of choice.

OWS REC Step1Step2:Type http://xmail.clemson.edu into the address field and hit enter.

Step 3:Type in your username and password and click Sign in.

OWS REC Step1Step4:

  1. Click Calendar in your side bar.
  2. Click the Share drop down
  3. Select Publish this Calendar to Internet...


OWS REC Step1Step5: Adjust your options.

  1. Adjust your Publishing detail to the appropriate level.
    (Full details = Reviewer)
  2. Adjust the dates to your desired level.
  3. Select the Access level desired. (see notes on Access level below)
  4. Click Start Publishing.

Access levels:

  • Restricted: provides a link with randomized characters that would be difficult to guess without having the direct link.
    (Preferred setting for personal calendars)
  • Public: provides a link that includes your e-mail address, so other users could look up your published calendar using that information.


OWS REC Step1Step6: After enabling your publishing, you will be provided the links to your internet calendar in Calendar links section on the bottom of the window.

4. Click Save when finished.

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