Creating a Clemson Gmail Account

Step 1 - Create the Account

    1. Go to the mail forwarding/control panel at You may need to authenticate with your Clemson username and password
    2. Put a check in the box for "Google Apps for Education."

Screen shot of Email Control Panel

    1. A dialog box will open asking if you accept the terms of use for a Clemson Google Apps for Education account. Click Yes.

Terms of use

    1. The account will be created and your new password will be displayed on the screen. Please make note of this temporary password! Either write it down or print a copy of the page. You will need it in the next few steps.

Screen shot of account password

Step 2 - Initial Account Setup

    1. Go to Log in with your username and new Google password as noted from a previous step.

Log in with userid and Google password

    1. Select your language of choice. Enter the security code as displayed. Then read and accept Google's terms of service.

Log in with userid and Google password

    1. If prompted about being directed to a connection that is not secure, click Yes. You will now see the email client for Google Apps for Education.

Email client for Google Apps for Education

Step 3 - Change Password

    1. Now you need to change your temporary password that you received in Step 1 to a permanent, strong password that you can remember. In the Settings panel, click on the link to change password.

In settings panel click on change password link

    1. Enter your current password and enter a new password twice. This page warns you if your password is too weak (i.e. easy for someone else to guess or a malicious program to crack). Weak password will display a small red gauge.

Weak passwords display red

Strong passwords will display a long green gauge.

Strong passwords display green

Once you have entered a strong password, click on the "Change Password" button.

You have now compled all critical steps to use your new "Google Apps for Education" account.

Step 4 - Set Mail Forwarding for the Google Apps for Education Account (OPTIONAL)

This step describes how to set mail forwarding so that any email sent to "" will be redirected to your Google Apps for Education Account.

  1. Return to the Email Control/Forwarding Panel at
  2. Put a check in the box to deliver email to the "Google Apps for Education" account.

          Mail Control/Forwarding Panel

Step 5 - Create "" as Valid Sender (FROM) Address (OPTIONAL)

If you want to use your Google Apps for Education account to send email as "" or if you need to send email to any Clemson class or departmental mailing lists, then you will need to set "" as a valid "FROM" address.

    1. Click on the Settings link at the top of the screen.

 Click on Settings link

    1. Click on the link to "Add another email address."

 Add another email address

    1. At the name prompt, enter your name as you would like it displayed. At the prompt for email address, enter your "" address, replacing "username" with your username.

 Clemson name and email address

    1. Now you will need to verify that the Clemson address is a real and functional address. Click on the "Send Verification" button.

 Verify that address is valid address

    1. Google will send a message to your Clemson account. Go to it, open the messaage from Google.

 Google verification message

Either click on the embedded link to verify your Clemson address or make note of the numbers to enter in the verification prompt.

Verify Clemson address

  1. Now you'll need to decide if you always want to use your "" address as your FROM: address or if you want to reply based on the address to which the message was sent.
          Default mailing account
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