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CCIT uses this page to provide information, news, and updates about Clemson's  email systems for faculty, staff and students.  Please refer to the following articles below to get the latest system issues, features, and alerts. Also you can visit specific email systems by choosing their home page in the left column. Send any questions or comments to


Issues Sending Email to Some University Lists from Email Acccounts

The Mathematical Sciences Department were the first to notice and inform the CCIT Support Group.  Email lists that had worked well for more than a decade were suddenly rejecting messages from anyone who used a account, even if they were the owner of the list. addresses never had problems sending to the university lists prior to this fall and the only lists rejecting messages were the system-maintained, Sympa-based lists.  After much investigation, it was found that there were many reports of this behavior in the Google administrative email forums.  Other universities and colleges were reporting that they could no longer send to their listserver-based lists from their Google Apps for Education mail accounts.  Our mailing lists and their mailing lists would only accept email from the local domain.  In our case, the Sympa listserver would only accept email from real addresses.

Adding to the problem was another Google related event.  In the past, people who had used for their email were able to add an email alias to their account.  We had the choice of sending email as either or  Although not convenient, the listserver problems could have been fixed by setting up the alias.  Google made a change this year and eliminated the "alias" feature for all new Google Apps for Education accounts.  Whether it was accidental or not, we should have been able to set aliases on individual accounts.  This feature was broken for Clemson University.  Luckily we were able to fix this.  

For now, anyone using who is having problems sending to a Sympa-based listserv can set up an alias in their settings.  They can use the alias as necessary to send to their mailing list or they can use it all the time.  The lists with the problem are all system-maintained lists such as all employees in department x or all students in major y.

Instructions for setting up the "alias" can be found here:

We apologize for the inconvenience.  At this time a better solution is out of our hands.

IMPORTANT NEWS - LEGACY Mail Server ( has been decommissioned.

This information is about the original, LEGACY mail server, also known as  Squirrel Mail or Clemson web mail or or  For Outlook/Exchange users, this will NOT affect your use of  

While has served Clemson for decades it is time to retire this venerable service. 

Prior to saying goodbye, CCIT support took steps to reach out to ALL users to answer questions, lessen the impact, and assist them with the conversion.  Every user was contacted according to the following schedule:

  • Feb-Mar 2014 - Exchange users who also use
  • Feb-Mar 2014 - users who also use
  • Mar-Apr 2014 - Remaining users
  • Apr 2014 - Departmental accounts

Please view the email decommission FAQ for more information.

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