HOW TO - Migrate to Exchange

The following steps need to be completed in order to migrate from the old legacy Clemson mail server (also known as Clemson Web Mail or Squirrel Mail).

  1. Clean up your email
  2. Contact your local computer support to assist with the decision to switch to Exchange or (Clemson Gmail)
  3. Create an Exchange account
  4. Install and configure Outlook/Exchange
  5. Update your email forwarding 
  6. Add your old as an additional IMAP account
  7. Drag mailboxes from the IMAP account to the Exchange account.  Don't forget to migrate the SENT and DRAFT mailboxes.
  8. Final clean up.


Step One - Clean Up Your Email

This applies if you use Clemson Web Mail (also known as Squirrel Mail) or if you use a mail program like Pegasus, Eudora, Outlook or even Apple Mail. Cleaning your mail box doesn't have to be painful. Don't waste time trying to review individual messages. That *would* be a pain! Instead, make some sensible decisions about what you need to keep.

  • Review your list of mail boxes/folders. Can any of them be deleted or consolidated?
  • Can some mailboxes be archived and stored elsewhere "just in case" you ever need them? [link for webmail archive instructions]
  • Purge your trash mailbox.
  • Search for and delete store and vendor ads. If you are like most of us, a search and delete for the names of your favorite stores will eliminate a few hundred messages. And don't worry, you will soon get new ones to replace the outdated ads.
  • Set up another search for all the joke messages sent by your cousin/uncle/brother. Like the store ads, they will soon be replaced by new jokes.

Afew of these search and deletes will clean up your email box nicely. Whatever is left is what you will move to your Exchange account.


Step Two - Contact your local computer support to assist with the decision to switch to Exchange or Clemson Gmail.  

In general, if you need to access shared resources or calendars, then you should switch to Exchange.  If you are an instructor and want to share a calendar with your students, then you may want to switch to


Step Three - Create the Exchange account.

Go to the Email Control Panel web app and select "Use Exchange Server".  Follow any instructions for setting up the Exchange server.

More information is available in the TigerTracks knowledge base article 1738.


Step Four - Install and configure Outlook/Exchange.

Exchange Client Setup Documents are available for a variety of clients, including Outlook, Entourage, mobile clients and for several operating systems, including Windows, OSX, Linux and several mobile clients.  There is also a document for those who need to access Exchange with the IMAP protocal.


Step Five - Update/verify your email forwarding.

Return to the Email Control Panel and put a check in the box for "Deliver email to my Exchange mailbox", if you have not already done so.


Step Six - Add your old as an additional IMAP account in Outlook.

Setup information is available in TigerTracks Knowledge Base article 248531.


Step Seven - Drag mailboxes from IMAP account to the Exchange Account.

Don't forget to migrate the SENT and DRAFT folders.


Step Eight - Final Cleanup.

A few last steps:

  1. Go to the email control page and make sure that your email forwarding points to Exchange and that you do not have any mail forwarding pointing to  The link for the control page is
  2. Remove the IMAP version of your email account from your Outlook configuration.  See STEP 4 above for reference.
  3. Send an email message to stating that you have successfully converted to Outlook/Exchange from (or Clemson Web Mail).  This will help us concentrate on helping people who have not yet converted.  



For more information or to ask questions, contact the Help Desk located by walk in visit to Cooper Library Level 2, by calling (864)656-3494 or by sending email to


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