Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Flexibility
    • Online learning offers a tremendous opportunity to learn without the limitations of time or location.
  • Interaction with Faculty & Students
    • A variety of communication tools support synchronous(fixed meeting time as with web conferencing) and asynchronous (no fixed time for contribution as with discussion board) interaction.
  • Real world skills
    • Online learning offers students a chance to become competent in electronic communication. The experience promotes lifelong learning as it empowers individuals with the knowledge that they can research and find information, interpret it and share it with others. It also provides students opportunities to network with a global community of interesting people.


  • Flexibility
    • Sometimes flexibility can be a disadvantage. Students must be able to manage their learning, interpret written instruction and communicate effectively in writing.
  • Requires more self discipline and time management
    • Many students have the misconception that because the course is online they can wait until the last minute to participate. This is not the case. To be successful in an online course, students must login and participate at least three times a week.
  • Less social interaction with other students
    • Some students enjoy the face to face interaction with other students that traditional classes provide.
  • More reading and writing required
    • In an online course the amount of required reading and writing increases. For instance, instruction given verbally in a traditional class meeting may be delivered as text on a web page or document.
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