Accessibility and 508 Compliance

Web Accessibility

What is the web accessibility policy?

For web accessibility governance, policies and guidelines please contact the Office of Web Services at , or via listserv at

 Web Accessibility Standards

What is the first step? 

  • How Section 508 affects web page design (existing pages that do not have content updates after July 21, 2006 are exempt).
  • Supply a contact name and email address on your site for help with accessibility requests.
  • Begin a plan to make your site compliant in the future. In the plan, include the URL for your site, the type of problems found in the site, what training will be acquired and by whom, who will fix the problems, and the timeline for fixing problems. The final plan should be filed with your supervisor or as designated by your supervisor.

Is training and support available on campus?

Yes, Instructor-led training is availableas well as online instructions and tutorials from this site. Email questions or support requests to