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How can I edit files on my personal drive (U:/) from home?

When you save files on any of the lab machines at Clemson University, you should be saving them on your personal drive. Your personal drive should be drive U:/ on the lab machines. The directions for using this software are listed below. Please call the CCIT Support Center at 656-3494 or email ITHELP@clemson.edu if you have any problems.

How do I install FTP on my personal computer at home?

You can download the appropriate FTP software from our website.  You will need a valid Clemson username and password in order to access the downloads.  If you are using Mac OS, then you should download Fetch.  If you are using Microsoft Windows, then you should download WS_FTP.  Both applications are site licensed to Clemson University for use by any active students, faculty, or staff.

How do I use FTP?

Edit Session Profile:

When you open FTP, a box will appear which says "Session Profile" at the top. You should first enter a profile name if one is not entered. It is good to make the profile name and the host name the same. If you are just going to connect to the U:/ drive which is on the Novell network, then you will connect to ftp.netware.clemson.edu. If you are in a lab and you need to connect to a special host, then enter that name. Here is a sample Session Profile:

  • PROFILE NAME: ftp.netware.clemson.edu
  • HOST NAME: ftp.netware.clemson.edu
  • HOST TYPE: automatic detect
  • USERNAME: (Find your FTP username here: http://ccitutil.clemson.edu/homedir/)
  • PASSWORD: your network password

Copying Files:

Now that you have logged on, FTP should act like a file manager. On the left hand side, it is displaying your home PC files. On the right hand side, it is displaying the files on your U:/ drive at Clemson. To edit a file from home, just use the arrows in the middle of the two sets of files. Highlight the file you would like to edit, then hit the arrow key to send it to your home PC. Now you can open this as you normally would. When you are finished editing this file, save it to your home PC. Then go back to FTP and send it back to your U:/ drive.

Accessing Group Files Instead Of Personal Space:

To access web space on a Novell server other than your personal drive (U:/), once you have entered your password you will need to do a "change directory" to the appropriate Novell server volume. The general form of the directory name is: //servername/servervolume/path where "servername" is the name of the Novell server where your files live (for example GS16or GS06) "servervolume" is the name of the disk volume on that server where your files are stored (in most cases this will be the same as the server name, and path is the path to your files on that volume (for example on //GS16/GS16 the path would be /share/web/yourdirectoryname). Note that capitalization must be exact!



Logging Out:

There is no log out procedure for FTP. Just exit the program and it will automatically save your changes and log off.

Solution Guides:

How do I access files through a web browser?

Just open your web browser, and under the location type:


For example, if your username was "fred" then you would open a web browser and type the appropriate line below starting at ftp:

STUDENTS: ftp://.fred.f.students.clemsonu@ftp.netware.clemson.edu
EMPLOYEES: ftp://.fred.f.employee.clemsonu@ftp.netware.clemson.edu
MISC OR STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: ftp://.fred.f.misc.clemsonu@ftp.netware.clemson.edu

It will ask you for your network password, so type this and then you should see your U:/ drive files.

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