Clemson Survey Tool

CCIT has developed a Clemson Survey Tool that can be used by all faculty, staff, and students to create custom surveys. The Survey Tool is available at, and is also available through Blackboard in the Tools section of any workgroup.

Surveys created with the Clemson Survey Tool can contain several types of questions:

  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple selection
  • True/False
  • Yes/No
  • Short Answer
  • Essay
  • Rating 1-5
  • Likert scales (Strongly Agree/Strongly Disagree)

Surveys are created by one individual, but users can specify "reviewers" who can log in to the Survey Tool and review (not modify) the survey questions and subsequent results.

Surveys created with the Clemson Survey Tool can be made available to:

  • Anyone on the Internet (no username and password needed)
  • Anyone at Clemson (username and password required)
  • All Clemson employees (faculty and staff)
  • All Clemson faculty
  • All Clemson students
  • Members of of any classes or workgroups available to the survey creator in Blackboard

Results of the surveys can be viewed by the survey creator and any reviewers online, and can also be downloaded in CSV format.

Please note: The Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Clemson University requires that any use of a survey for the purpose of research (generalizable knowledge) must receive the approval of the IRB Committee prior to initiation of the project. Failure to comply with this requirement could jeopardize the research process at Clemson University. Please feel free to contact the Coordinator for the Institutional Review Board at (864) 656-0636 for questions.

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