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Deep Orange Vehicle Prototyping Program

Deep Orange is an extraordinary initiative that gives students the opportunity to create a prototype vehicle in two years. It’s the only program of its kind where students begin with nothing more than ideas and finish with a vehicle.

Working on prototype

While developing and manufacturing the prototype, students gain comprehensive technical knowledge as well as valuable “soft” skills (including collaboration, conflict resolution, and creativity), that are often overlooked in traditional engineering programs.

Deep Orange offers an experience that students at other programs, and even most working automotive engineers, can only dream about.

Students lead the project and are ultimately responsible for the quality of the vehicle they produce. The program offers both big challenges and rewards. Many of our graduates point to Deep Orange as the reason they are successful in their careers.

Orange prototype

Automotive engineering master's students have the opportunity to participate in the Deep Orange project in lieu of an industrial internship. For more on the M.S. program, please review the curriculum information.

For more information on Deep Orange please visit the project's website.