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New Employee Info for Faculty

Faculty Bylaws

The AuE Faculty Bylaws can be found on our policies page.

Computer/IT Related Items

  • Help Tickets: For any IT-related problem, you will need to put in a ticket to "IT Help":
    • Email
    • Make the subject line "CES ICAR Greenville" – this will route to AUE's IT team.
    • In the body of the email, include a description of your problem
    • Include any relevant screenshots if applicable (error messages, etc.)
  • Duo Mobile: Two-factor authentication is required to log in to many Clemson systems. You must download the Duo Mobile app (please see CCIT staff for assistance).

Procurement Information 

After arriving, please plan to arrange a time to meet with our department accountant to review university procurement information. Along with the information provided by our accountant, here are some useful links:

Grants: CECAS Grants Homepage

Parking & Travel

  • Parking at CGEC is available for staff and faculty directly underneath or behind the building. Please use the ICAR parking garage across the street from our facility if no parking spots are available.
  • We have several fleet cars that can be reserved for business use; please ask your supervisor for more details on the reservation process. A bus is also available that runs between CUICAR and the main campus (with free wifi on board); see the TigerCommute information. Because of the availability of the fleet vehicles and TigerCommute, the department will not reimburse mileage expenses to and from the main campus.
  • Parking on the main campus: Single-day passes can be purchased online through Parking Services for $3.00 or in bulk at the Parking office on the main campus. Parking for business use is eligible for departmental reimbursement.

Office Supplies

Standard office supplies are available in the cabinet outside office 329; please see the office manager for the key. If you need something additional (or an item is missing), please speak with the office manager to order more through buyWays. 

Ways to Lookup Employee Contact Info

Department Information

All Clemson departments have a unique 4-digit number. Automotive Engineering's department number is 0926. Sometimes, our department is listed as "Campbell Grad Engr Program."

Common Acronyms

  • AUE – Automotive Engineering (abbreviation for our department, used in course numbers)
  • CGEC – Campbell Graduate Engineering Center (Name of our building)
  • CECAS – College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Sciences (encompasses all engineering departments: Automotive, Mechanical, Chemical, BioE, etc.)
  • CUICAR – Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research
  • CMI – Center for Manufacturing Innovation (located beside CGEC; a partnership between CU and Greenville Tech)
  • CET - Center for Emerging Technologies, another building on the CUICAR campus located at 
  • CUCAM – Clemson University Center for Advanced Manufacturing, which includes:
    • VAC - Vehicle Assembly Center
    • CCC - Clemson Composites Center
    • ARMC - Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Center

Clemson University Employee Resources

Faculty & Research Group Website Options

Option 1:

Provision a faculty web page or research group page under the CECAS URL, under the format or

> This option is hosted and supported by CECAS CORE

Option 2:

Use the Clemson site options or

> These options are hosted and supported by CCIT

Note: If something like WordPress is required, it would have to be hosted on the CECAS web servers because CMS systems are not supported on the Clemson personal web spaces

Please get in touch with Trae King and/or Anthony Work with CECAS CORE with questions.

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