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Advanced Manufacturing & Materials Research Topics & Contributors

manufacturing and materials activitiesThe manufacturing and materials research team focuses on improving the highly sophisticated process of vehicle and component production for efficiency, economy, quality, sustainability and safety.

Here is a sampling of current research projects being conducted in this area:
Model-based control of machining processes
● Machining force prediction for difficult-to-machine materials
● Electrically-assisted manufacturing processes
● Optimizing work distribution in manufacturing systems
Titanium integration in light-weight vehicles
● Manufacturing process physics monitoring
● Friction stir forming, processing and welding
● Hot blank-cold die (HB-CD) forming of lightweight alloy sheets (aluminum and magnesium)
● Thermal processing and phase changes
● Accumulative roll bonding (ARB)
● Actuated processes: state estimation for automated process control of UV, IR, laser curing/drying in manufacturing/prototyping applications
● Nondestructive testing and process monitoring
● Knowledge-based manufacturing and design
● Knowledge-based material selection and processing
● Design and manufacturing using origami fold forming of metals
● 03rd generation advance high strength steels
● Press hardening and hot stamping

Additional Resources
Dr. Laine Mears' manufacturing lab site

This research is made possible thanks to the generosity of the companies and organizations listed below.
Automation Engineering Corporation
BMW Manufacturing
BMW Information and Technology Research Center
Caron Engineering
Dassault Systemes Simulia Corporation
Electric Power Research Institute
GE Energy
Gibbs and Associates
OKUMA America Corporation
Michelin America Research Company
Morris South Corporation
National Instruments Corporation
National Science Foundation
Nippon Steel Inc.
SimaFore, LLC
Stäubli Robotics
Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing of North America (TEMA)
Toyota Motor Corporation TMC, Japan
Third Wave Systems
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Army Advanced Material Research Lab
U.S. Army TARDEC - Automotive Research Center