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Advanced Manufacturing & Materials Team

Dr. Beshah Ayalew
Modeling and optimal control of manufacturing processes; estimation and control of distributed parameter systems with applications to radiant source actuated process (UV, IR, Laser)

Dr. Yunyi Jia
Robotics and automation systems for intelligent manufacturing; collaborative robotics and human-robot interactions; multi-robot systems; human factors and user acceptance of robotics; advanced sensing systems for robotics and human-robot interactions

Dr. Laine Mears
Model-based control of manufacturing processes and extensions to system-level learning (information-enabled manufacturing, per-part intelligence, predictive maintenance); integration of lightweight design and manufacturing, particularly multi-material joining and integration; novel process development to support new designs (manufacturing for design concept): electrically-assisted processing; model-based machining for difficult materials

Dr. Srikanth Pilla
Multi-functional structural composites and foams, fiber-reinforced materials, materials for extreme environments, self-repairing materials, sustainable biobased and biorenewable materials, and recycled materials; out-of-autoclave and UV-based curing technologies, gas-assisted foam processing, injection-molding, etc.; advanced materials characterization and evaluation using experimental mechanics (static and dynamic loadings), rheology, thermal, spectroscopic and microscopic methods; computational materials modeling and component-simulation and optimization using deterministic and probabilistic methods at multiple length scales;manufacturing process physics simulation including materials rheological studies and process parameters in injection molding, MuCell, RTM, etc; chemistry and physics based understanding of joining methods for dissimilar and hybrid materials and structures; stochastic based life-cycle impact and assessment (LCA)