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Connected and Automated Vehicles Team

Dr. Venkat Krovi
Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) systems-of-systems, Distributed multi-scale human-autonomy synergy; Applications for on-road, off-road and manufacturing shop-floor applications; lifecycle treatment of human- and hardware-in-the-loop systems-of-systems

Dr. Beshah Ayalew
Vehicle dynamics modeling and control; Predictive and coordinated control of multi-lane traffic; Multi-target multi-sensor tracking; Collaborative situational awareness in connected traffic; Information fusion; use of these in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Dr. Yunyi Jia
Automated vehicles (perception, modeling, controls and learning); modeling, planning and controls of connected and mixed vehicles; human-vehicle interactions; human factors and user acceptance of automated vehicles; advanced sensing systems for automated vehicles and human-vehicle interactions

Dr. Jerome McClendon

Dr. Bing Li
Sensors; electromagnetic; signal/imaging processing; sensor fusion; high-performance computing; modeling and optimization; computer vision; perception; machine/deep learning; robotics; SLAM; robotic inspections; assistive technologies; autonomy

Dr. Pierluigi Pisu

Secure Control for Cyberphysical Systems, Functional Safety, Cooperation and Energy management, Machine learning approaches and Resilient Control, VR simulation and validation

Dr. Matthias Schmid
Advanced estimation and control techniques, uncertainty propagation, sensor fusion, mathematical frameworks, stochastic differential equations, perception, prediction