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Short Internships

We encourage students to benefit from shorter, summer internship opportunities, though these may not meet the criteria to count toward the position requirement.

International students, whether paid or unpaid, need CPT authorization and the internship must be directly related to the student's field of study. The internship has to correlate with a class.

3-MONTH: If you have a three-month offer but have been told that this could be extended, you may want to take AuE 890 credit for the internship. You would follow the approval and registration directions outlined on the Industrial Internship page.  The reporting requirements apply to all students in AuE 890. The benefit of signing up for AuE 890 credits during your first summer is that you could potentially graduate in May instead of August.

DOMESTIC: If you will NOT be using this internship to fulfill your graduation requirement, there is no paperwork to complete.

INTERNATIONAL: If you will NOT be using this internship to fulfill your graduation requirement, you can work through the co-op office to gain your authorization. You must complete the IS-130 CPT form and have both your academic advisor and the co-op office (864-656-3150) fill it out and sign off on it. When completing the IS-130, select the last choice (top of page two) under section III to explain why the CPT should be authorized. With this approach, you are only paying the co-op fee and will not be charged for tuition. This method is being used by some students who have an industrial internship for the summer but will later work on Deep Orange.

It is recommended for students to complete a continuous six-month internship to maximize their experience; as long as six months are completed, it is acceptable to split up the internship. Deep Orange students are required to remain with Deep Orange for the entire six-month duration with no exceptions.