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BMW Fellowships for Incoming M.S. Students

The Department of Automotive Engineering would like to thank BMW for their continued support of our program and CU-ICAR.

One of the ways that BMW shows its support is by providing fellowship opportunities for incoming M.S. students.  BMW Fellows will receive $10,000 to cover tuition and educational expenses during their first academic year of the program.

To be considered for this fellowship, students must
- begin their M.S. program in Clemson University's Department of Automotive Engineering in Fall 2018. Students must apply for admission and be accepted to be considered for the fellowship.
- have at least a 3.3 GPA from their undergraduate institution.
- have unrestricted work eligibility in the U.S. (cannot require sponsorship - F1 visa students are not eligible.)
- have relevant experience in manufacturing or automotives
- be willing to perform an internship at BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC
- be willing to learn German and work internationally. Students are not promised an international assignment but they must be willing to go if asked.

Preference will be given to students who have experience working internationally and/or those with foreign language proficiency with German being particularly desirable.

If you are considering the program, please see our admissions information page and FAQs for additional information.