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Degree Programs

Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering

The M.Eng. in Biomedical Engineering (BME) degree program provides an in-depth advanced engineering education to students who have completed a bachelor of science degree in engineering or science and desire to embrace an industrial career in the field of medical technology. It provides an intellectually rigorous professional graduate education that emphasizes clinical applications and biomedical engineering design to better train a workforce to sustain a growing biomedical industry in South Carolina and the United States. This program is based on core biomedical engineering and relevant clinical applications, providing the basis for strong technical contributions in industry. This program prepares engineering graduates for professional practice in BME and leadership roles in the biomedical science and technology private sector to help develop and sustain economic growth.

Master of Science

The M.S. thesis requires a total of 30 credit hours (six of which must be research credits) and the submission and defense of a Master’s thesis. Students must anticipate covering their own tuition and living expenses. Students are welcome to e-mail faculty members directly regarding the availability of such projects in a given faculty member’s research group.

The curriculum for the Master’s program consists of a core of required bioengineering courses supplemented by elective courses that provide greater depth in a specific area of interest.

The minimum time period necessary to complete the Master’s degree is normally 16 months, with at least one academic semester in residence as a full-time student at Clemson University.

BS/MS Combined Degree Programs

Bioengineering students working together in lab at ClemsonUnder this plan, students can reduce the time necessary to earn both degrees by applying graduate credits to both undergraduate and graduate program requirements.

To be eligible for this plan, students must have completed their bachelor’s curriculum through the junior year (minimum 94 credits) and have a minimum overall grade-point ratio of 3.40. Information and application forms are available from the Graduate School. Endorsements by the program coordinator or department chair of both programs are required. If accepted, students will be given conditional admission to the master’s program pending completion of their bachelor’s degrees and submission of satisfactory GRE or GMAT scores, if required. Combined Plan students are not eligible for graduate appointments for financial aid until their bachelor’s degrees have been awarded.

Under this plan, students can obtain their bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines while working toward completion of their master’s in bioengineering.

Please download the following application if you are interested in the combined bachelor's to graduate education plan:

Graduate Curriculum

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