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Alumni Collectables


Josh Guo, B.S. 2010

Director of Program Management at BrightInsight

Josh Guo“Being an Engineer means different things in different phases of your career, and Clemson Bioengineering gave me the foundation and tools to excel at every phase. The education and co-op opportunities gained at Clemson allowed me to quickly gain a foothold in Fortune 500 medical device companies right away. Not only did the expertise gained at Clemson give me the technical abilities to excel in every engineering role from quality to R&D, but the Bioengineering program challenged me in breadth beyond textbooks, enabling me to move into leadership roles at these prestigious organizations. Relishing innovation and challenge are things I learned at Clemson, and the snowball effect cannot be understated with a clear leg-up right from the beginning. All this culminated into a recent move into further innovation and career progression into the booming Digital Health field; without the strong start at Clemson, I do not know if it would have been possible now 10 years later. The network of Clemson Bioengineering Alumni is strong, with an ever-growing paw print, I am meeting a new Tiger in the field every day!”

Christian Kotanen MD, Ph.D.

Anesthesiology Resident at US Army

Christian Kotanen“Clemson BIOE is the bleeding edge of scientific inquiry. Having earned a bioengineering degree from Clemson means that I am ready to work within any of today's multi-disciplinary fields of research, academics, and healthcare. Every learning experience felt unique and has provided me with knowledge and skills encompassing the spectrum from bench to bedside.”

Elli Marrs, B.S., M.Eng.

Regulatory Affairs Specialist - Patient Monitoring at Medtronic

Elli Marrs“My undergraduate and graduate BIOE journeys gave me an edge as I entered industry -- I was equipped with the knowledge and exposure to real-life scenarios that enabled me to jump into my career and immediately begin to apply my skills and ideas. I continue to find myself referencing my Clemson experiences and I'm grateful that the BIOE programs lessened my learning curve as I began working. I advise all current students take advantage of all the resources, faculty and connections Clemson has to offer!”


Jhilmil Dhulekar, B.S. 2013, M.S. 2014, Ph.D. 2019

FDA | Cardiovascular Devices Division

Jhilmil Dhulekar"I’m often asked why I decided to pursue all three of my degrees in the Clemson Bioengineering program. I always respond by saying that I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study this cutting-edge field at an institution that places collaboration and innovation at the forefront of its academic mission, and to have this opportunity for almost a decade of my education! What made my experience in the CU Bioengineering program so enriching was the dedication of the professors to ensuring their students received the highest quality of learning, research opportunities and professional development to prepare for a successful career in medicine and medical device development. The resources available to us to apply what we learned in the classroom were limitless and promoted by the various educational events organized by the department. I can proudly say I use skills and knowledge I have learned during my time in the CU Bioengineering program every single day at my current job, and that is extremely fulfilling!"

Joey Wilson, B.S. 2017

EY-Parthenon | Life Sciences Strategy

Joey Wilson"If I had to describe the Clemson Bioengineering program in three words, I would say it’s challenging, fun, and transformational. Though, you should know that this is not just an everyday academic program - it’s one of the oldest bioengineering programs in the country. It’s a truly holistic experience inside and outside the classroom with faculty that heavily invests in students. Professors are more than simply research advisors. They quickly evolve into trusted mentors and lifelong friends that persist long after graduation. For example, starting before Freshman year, I conducted Creative Inquiry research with Dr. Delphine Dean for almost five years. Our work led to national conference presentations, publications, a patent, and, most importantly, real-world impacts - and all of this equipped me with a robust and transferable skill-set that will be relevant for my entire career. Not only that, but this enabled me to pursue global opportunities in China, the UK, and Germany that would have never been possible otherwise. When companies and individuals alike see the Paw, they now recognize that Clemson is not just a football powerhouse, but also an institution that produces some of the best-prepared bioengineers in the United States and the World."

Timothy Moses, B.S. 2015

Process Development Engineer, Johnson and Johnson Vision Care

Timothy Moses"I was fortunate to join the Clemson Bioengineering program as it provided me with a great academic experience, exposed me to career opportunities, and provided me with a collaborative network of faculty and students to leverage. As a student in the Clemson Bioengineering program, I had the opportunity to take courses like biomechanics, medical device design, and tissue engineering. The research opportunities and engineering labs were instrumental to introducing me to the types of real-world issues that bioengineers are often called to address. I’m honored to call myself a Clemson BIOE alumnus as the academic programs and network of faculty members and students helped me shape my career in the medical device industry."

I.V. Hall, M.S. 1995

President for Trauma, Craniomaxillofacial and Animal Health platforms at DePuy Synthes, a Johnson & Johnson Company

I.V. Hall“I am a proud Clemson Tiger. The faculty, the students, and the Clemson culture have shaped me to be the leader I am today. Clemson inspired me to ask questions, be curious; and passionately and persistently seek out the answers. In today’s healthcare market, patients around the world need those answers to make their lives better. Clemson BIOE can inspire you too."

Mara Hartsell, B.S. 2020

Sutures Manufacturing Engineer at Arthrex

Mara Hartsell"As a May 2020 graduate who experienced graduating from college during such unprecedented times, I came to realize how much my Clemson University Bioengineering degree means to hiring managers and companies in the workforce regardless of the circumstances. I am fortunate enough to be hands-on with sutures and components used in orthopedic surgery that improves the quality of life for patients. I fell honored to be a part of the Arthrex Family where a Clemson Bioengineering degree was imperative in the process of finding my place in the medical device industry."

Chelsea Ex-Lubeskie

Senior Business Development Manager at MUSC Foundation for Research Development

Chelsea Ex-Lubeskie“During my time at Clemson, and during my years as an entrepreneur, there were so many people who helped and mentored me. The Department of Bioengineering (and its faculty and staff members) had a huge impact on my time at Clemson. They were all highly supportive of my exploration of a variety of career options, and I felt as if they all genuinely cared about me as a student and person. One of my favorite quotes is, “Alone we can go fast, but together we can go far,” and I fully believe that quote applies to the life sciences ecosystem here in the state. Eight years later, I am still involved with Clemson Bioengineering, and have loved seeing the Department grow."

Devante Horne, Ph.D. - B.S. '15

R&D Biomedical Engineer at Cepheid

Devante Horne"Clemson’s Bioengineering program laid the foundation for my future success by providing exciting undergraduate research opportunities, expanding my network in (both) academia and industry, and increasing my competitiveness when applying to top-tier graduate programs. The Senior Design program was the highlight of my (Clemson Bioengineering) experience. Collaborating with clinicians to identify and solve important clinical needs drove my passion for improving patient outcomes (with unique engineering solutions). Through my experience (in the Clemson Bioengineering program,) I am well prepared to take on the medical device and biotech industries’ exciting challenges!"

Marc Long

Executive Vice President, R&D, Clinical Affairs, Project Management, IP & Grants at MTF Biologics

Marc LongMy graduate school years at Clemson University provided me so much knowledge, experience, and real-world skills to support my industry career. If I may share a couple of pearls of wisdom, I would summarize them as “never stop learning” and “innovate towards finding a solution to an unmet need.” Clemson is a prime place to develop both of these outlooks.”