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Jeoung Soo Lee, Ph.D.

Jeoung Soo Lee Associate Professor
Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pusan National University, Pusan, Korea 1999

Research Interests
Nanotechnology for combinatorial drug and gene delivery
Regeneration and repair in the central nervous system
Therapeutic delivery for cancer treatment and cardiovascular diseases

Office 201-2 Rhodes Engineering Research Center
Phone 864-656-3212

Drug Design, Development and Delivery 4D Laboratory

Biomaterials for drug and gene delivery

Neuron-specific nanotherapeutics for CNS regeneration and repair
Neuronal targeting
Combinatorial drug/gene delivery
Neuroprotection, axonal regeneration, and functional recovery

Target-specific polymeric micelle nanoparticle for cancer treatment
Tumor targeting
Combinatorial drug/gene delivery
Glioblastoma, spinal cord tumor, and drug-resistant breast cancer

Biomaterial-based delivery systems for medical devices
Multi-functional drug delivery system for cardiovascular stents/ballons
Drug-loaded electrospun nanofibers for anti-thrombotic vascular suture
Drug-loaded hydrogel for neuroprotection after CNS injury