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Vladimir Reukov, Ph.D.

Vladimir Reukov Research Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Chemistry, Moscow State University, 2006

Research Interests
Drug Delivery
Scanning Probe Microscopy
Piezo-response Force Microscopy


Office 201-3 Rhodes

Phone 864-656-2509


Imaging and Drug Delivery Nanoparticles

Cell imaging by SPM
Bacteria recognition based on dynamic electromechanical response
Live cell Band Excitation Piezo-response Force Microscopy
Electromechanical properties of cells

Enzyme-nanoparticles conjugates for drug delivery
Nasal delivery of anti-inflammatory agents
Cholesterol-lowering therapeutics during Hyperlipidemia
Targeted delivery of free-radical scavengers through BBB

Fiber-based materials for diagnostic applications
Nanocoated fibers for self-diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis
Fast tests for viral infections (flu, HIV etc.)
Nanofibers for single cell analysis