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Jorge I. Rodríguez-Dévora, Ph.D.

Jorge I. Rodríguez-Dévora Research Assistant Professor, Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering
Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering University of Texas El Paso, 2013

Research Interests
Cancer Technologies
High Throughput Bioscreening Technologies
Translational Research

Office 263 Fluor Daniel – Engineering Innovation Building
Phone 864-656-0278

The Laboratory of Advanced Biofabrication

Cancer Screening and Biofabrication

Cancer Technologies
Biofabrication of cancer models
Mimicking tumor microenvironment
Cancer mechanobiology

High-Throughput Bioscreening Technologies
Rapid automated dispensing technologies
Bioprinted biological models
Microfluidics and perfusion systems

Translational Research
Oxygen-releasing agents for cardiac repair
Photo-based drug/cell delivery
Medical product design and development