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Tong Ye, Ph.D.

Tong Ye Associate Professor
Ph.D. of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1995

Research Interests
Optical Imaging
Functional Imaging
Light-matter interaction

Office Bioengineering Building Room 314
Phone 843-876-2314

Nano and Functional Imaging Lab

Imaging Cell and Tissue Functions

Superresolution Optical Microscopy
Stimulated emission depletion microscopy
High-speed structural illumination microscopy
Finite-difference time-domain simulation

Nonlinear Optical Microscopy
Deep tissue imaging
Three-dimensional imaging of tissue functions
Applications of nondiffracting light beams

Functional Optical Imaging
Osteoarthritis in vivo imaging
Three-dimensional Calcium imaging
Multi-scale and multi-modality cell and organelle tracking in vivo