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Core Values

Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency
All operations of the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering are transparent and begin on the foundation of honesty and integrity; these values are the essential platform from which we work. Students, alumni, staff, faculty, and associates expect, and require honesty, integrity, and transparency from ourselves and from each other.

Student Focused         
What is best for the students? This simple question is the filter through which priorities are established, decisions are made, and work is conducted.  By placing students— undergraduate and graduate at the focal point, the Department actively engages students to create “alumni” rather than passive “graduates.”

Inclusive Community
The Department is an inclusive and collegial community. Belongingness is fostered through open communication, encouraging attitudes, mentoring, collaboration, and through active consideration of differing perspectives. This is a community where it is safe to attempt, fail, grow, and succeed. We are stronger together.

Professional Service
As professional, service-oriented engineers, the Department discovers, disseminates, and implements knowledge and tools that enable civil society and create value. While the recipients and scope of our professional service are wide-ranging, our service is ubiquitous and contagious. We inspire a service-oriented mindset in our students and the Civil Engineering profession.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation
To honor the past successes and legacy of the Department, we continuously strive to improve and innovate our abilities, processes, mindset, and craft.  We stay attuned and adapt our program to meet the changing needs of our students, the Civil Engineering profession, and society at large.  Improvement efforts are fundamental to how we internally assess ourselves as individuals and as a department.