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In addition to the special required times for speaking to your advisor, please note that your advisor can serve as a good source of other information related to the University, the department, and the profession of Civil Engineering.

Contact CJ Bolding with any advising questions at

Course Registration

Registration occurs during the second half of each semester. See the University's Academic Calendar for more information.


There are two deadlines for dropping classes. The first occurs one month into the semester and is the last date to drop without a record of enrollment in the class. The second occurs about ten weeks into the semester and is the last day to drop with a grade of "W." You should be fully aware of the consequences of class registration actions and should discuss these with your advisor, as needed.

Change Major Appeal

Students may submit an appeal to be accepted into the Civil Engineering program. A letter of support from a faculty member must accompany the request.

Curriculum Planning

The curriculum has been laid out in the ideal sense, but it is not unusual for a student to need a customized plan of study to fit individual needs, especially for junior/senior students and students that have Co-ops. Therefore, you should develop your plan and review it with the advisor. Then it would be best if you revised your plan as conditions change. Download the advising packet.

Technical Requirements Policy

During senior year, students are required to take at least 18 units of technical requirements, including restricted and design requirements. Consult with your advisor and refer to the Technical Requirements Policy (3 pages) when selecting courses. The document contains the approved list of:

  • Technical Requirement Courses
  • Design Technical Requirement Courses
  • Restricted Technical Requirement Courses

Important Note

Pre-approval must be obtained if CE 4900 or CE 4990 is used to satisfy a technical requirement. For a CE 4900 or CE 4990 to be accepted as a technical elective, the course instructor must submit a complete syllabus to the Department Chair prior to the start of the semester in which the course is to be offered. The Department Chair will grant approval or deny approval based on the course syllabus.

Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Requirements

Civil Engineering Students must take a minimum of 15 credits (5 courses) to satisfy the General Education Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Requirements. When selecting courses, please refer to the Undergraduate Announcements.

AHSS requirements include:
1. Arts & Humanities (A&H) - a) Literature and b) Non-Literature courses.
2. Social Sciences (SS) (2 courses from different fields)
3. Additional A&H/SS credits (For curriculum before 2014-2015)
4. Cross-Cultural Awareness (CCA)
5. Science and Technology in Society (STS)

Important Hint: Be efficient when selecting courses by double-dipping to meet the STS and CCA requirements. Failure to do so may result in having to take more than 15 credit hours to meet the AHSS requirement.

First-Year Student (General Engineering) Print Worksheet

First Semester

GE First Semester
Course Name Credits
C H 1010 General Chemistry 4
ENGL 1030 Composition I 3
ENGR 1020 Engineering Disciplines & Skills 2
MTHS 1060 Calculus of One Variable I 4
Arts, Humanities or Social Science Requirement.1 3

Second Semester

GE Second Semester
Course Name Credits
GEOL 1010 Physical Geology 3
GEOL 1030 Physical Geology Lab 1
ENGR 2100 Intro to Engr/Computer Graphics 2
ENGR 1410 Engineering Fundamentals 3
MTHS 1080 Calculus of One Variable II 4
PHYS 1220 Physics with Calculus I 3
PHYS 1240 Physics Lab 1

Sophomore Year

First Semester

CE First Semester
Course Name Credits
C E 2010 Statics 3
MTHS 2060 Calculus of Several Variables 4
Arts, Humanities or Social Science Requirement.1 3
PHYS 2210 Physics with Calculus II 3
PHYS 2230 Physics Lab 1
CE 2550 Geomatics 3

Second Semester

CE Second Semester
Course Name Credits
CE 2080 Dynamics 2
MTHS 2080 Intro to Ordinary Differential Equations 4
COMM 2500 Public Speaking 3
C E 2060 Structural Mechanics 4
C E 3520 Economic Evaluation of Projects 2

Junior Year

First Semester

CE Jr First Semester
Course Name Credits
C E 3010 Structural Analysis 3
C E 3410 Intro to Fluid Mechanics 3
C E 3410 Intro to Fluid Mechanics Lab 1
C E 3510 C E Materials 4
C E 3310 Construction Engineering 3
MATH 3020 Statistics for Engineering & Science 3

Second Semester

CE Jr Second Semester
Course Name Credits
C E 3530 Professional Seminar 1
C E 3110 Transport Engineering Planning & Design 3
C E 3210 Geotechnical Engineering 4
Design Technical Requirement2 3
EE&S 4010 Environmental Engineering 3
C E 3420 Applied Hydraulics & Hydrology 3

Senior Year

First Semester

CE Sr First Semester
Course Name Credits
Restricted Technical Requirement3 3
Design Technical Requirement2 3
Technical Requirement3 3
Technical Requirement3 3
ENGL 3140 Technical Writing 3

Second Semester

CE Sr Second Semester
Course Name Credits
C E 4590 Capstone Design Project 3
Technical Requirement3 3
Arts and Humanities (Literature) Requirement.1 3
Arts, Humanities or Social Science Requirement.1 3
Elective 3

1See Policy on Social Sciences and Humanities for Engineering Curricula. Six of these credit hours must also satisfy General Education Cross-Cultural Awareness and Science and Technology in Society Requirements.

2See advisor for approved list. 

3See advisor. Technical Requirements and electives may be used to complete an emphasis area in one or more of the following fields: Applied Fluid Mechanics, Construction, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, or Transportation Engineering.

Note: Civil Engineering students enrolling in any CE course (except CE 4590) must have a C grade or better in the prerequisites for that course.

Note: Civil Engineering students may neither enroll in nor receive credit for any C E or E M courses unless they have a 2.0 engineering grade-point ratio and a passing grade in course prerequisites that have a C E or E M designation.

For course descriptions, prerequisites, and co-requisites, refer to the Undergraduate Announcement Catalog.

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