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Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Requirements

Civil Engineering Students must take a minimum of 15 credits (5 courses) to satisfy the General Education Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Requirements. When selecting courses, please refer to the Undergraduate Announcements.

AHSS requirements include:
1. Arts & Humanities (A&H) - a) Literature and b) Non-Literature courses.
2. Social Sciences (SS) (2 courses from different fields)
3. Additional A&H/SS credits (For curriculum before 2014-2015)
4. Cross-Cultural Awareness (CCA)
5. Science and Technology in Society (STS)

Important Hint: Be efficient when selecting courses by double-dipping to meet the STS and CCA requirements. Failure to do so may result in having to take more than 15 credit hours to meet the AHSS requirement.