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Emphasis in Environmental Engineering

One of the major areas within Civil Engineering relates to environmental issues. This emphasis area substantially strengthens the student’s depth of understanding of the interface of civil engineering with the environment.

For an emphasis in Environmental Engineering, you must take 4 courses. Take at least 2 courses from the following group:

  • CE 4470 - Storm Water Management
  • CE 4820 - Groundwater and Contaminant Transport
  • EE&S 4020 - Water and Waste Treatment Systems
  • Any EE&S Course (following EE&S 4010)

Take the remainder of your courses from the list above or from the following:

  • Any EN SP course
  • LAW 4290 - Environmental Law and Policy
  • HIST 3920 - History of the Environment of the United States
  • CE 4900 - Special Topics (Fluid Mechanics topic, with Chair's approval)

Note: Students may also obtain a Minor in Environmental Engineering (See description in Undergraduate Announcements.)